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When you change your belief, you change your results. - Tad James

NLP is the study of excellence and is a process of how to replicate it.  Coaching is a developmental ongoing interaction between two people – the Coach assists the Client to develop capabilities, achieve goals and objectives and produce successful results. NLP Coaching works with the conscious mind and the unconscious mind for integration.


Three Major Outcomes for Coaching:

  • Underperformance improved.
  • Increased and enhanced performance.
  • Future performance.

“Wow!  Darla, you changed my life. 
Thank you!”

~ NLP Coaching Client


You can use Coaching for:

•accepting change
•adaptability issues
•anger management
•career development
•change of position
•commitment issues
•communicating emotions
•communication issues
•company/business positioning
•conflicts and conflict resolution
•cultural differences
•decision making
•emotional intelligence
•feeling left out or left behind
•gender communication
•job selection
•language precision
•leadership competencies
•learning issues
•learning to delegate

•modeling for excellence
•motivation (self and others)
•negotiation skills
•organizational issues
•performance enhancement
•personal organization
•personal positioning
•presentation skills
•process coaching
•project planning
•relationship issues
•role issues
•self-esteem issues
•social skills
•stage fright or negative emotions
•stress management
•test anxiety
•time management
•work-life balance, etc.

Check-Yel Executive Coaching

How can I become a more effective leader?

Model successful leaders you admire.  When you choose to lead, you make a more significant contribution in your workplace and your community.  Inspiring leaders need to clearly articulate their vision.  You should excel in communication and utilize collaborative strategies.  Your actions must be congruent.  Especially in uncertain times, effective leaders make good decisions quickly.  You can be an effective leader who achieves amazing results by preparing now to lead when the opportunity arises.  Develop skills that give rise to your own moment of leadership.


  • How to define and develop your personal leadership style
  • The 3-C’s of Leadership – Communication, Collaboration and Congruency
  • Developing skills to become an inspiring leader
  • How to clearly articulate your vision
  • Action plans to work on continuous learning in the art of leadership
  • Techniques for effective negotiation

Success Strategies

  • Dealing with the Media
  • Steps in effective delegation
  • Techniques on how to run a productive meeting
  • Facilitation techniques and collaboration strategies
  • Five Step Sales Strategy and how it applies in specific situations

iStock_000012572116XSm-CloseCrop200Check-Red Communication Coaching

Enhancing Effective Communication

  • Advanced presentation skills and speaking in public
  • Selecting the right language to convey the right message
  • Connecting with your audience and getting your desired results
  • Strategies for building rapport



QuoteGreyCoaching with Darla Campbell has unleashed the power in me and the potential to be the millionaire next door. “

– Dr. Stelios Nikolakakis

QuoteGrey“Working with Darla has been a very positive experience. My issues were addressed completely and succinctly. Even though I myself was trained in NLP and hypnosis, Darla organized the material so well that I know I could not have done this on my own. ”        

– Dr. Oksana Sawiak

QuoteGrey"I particularly enjoyed Darla's approach to my coaching sessions. I found from start to finish Darla was very professional and presented ideas and guidelines as to what I could expect from the coaching sessions in a very clear and precise manner. I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching. Darla was able to assist me in looking at problems from another angle and her approach enabled me to gain more clarity in my thinking. I was also totally amazed at how effective the NLP strategies were at controlling my emotions when under pressure."  

- Fay Stallan, Corporate Client, international company

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Suggested Coaching Packages

  • Communication Coaching - 6 x 2-hour session package (12 hours)
  • Executive Coaching - 3-month package (9 hours)
  • Breakthrough Coaching - 2 half-day sessions (8 hours)
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Darla D.W. Campbell, P.Eng. is a Results Coach who is so adamant about getting leaders on the fast track for results that she guarantees her work.  Her mission is to make the world a better place through advanced leadership and communication.  Often described as a change agent, Darla is a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and a Master Practitioner of Timeline Therapy® and NLP Coach.  She can be reached at   or www.amonavi.com.

Darla has worked with business professionals around the globe inspiring leaders to deliver results. 

For More Information Contact:

Darla Campbell 416-562-9082