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Negotiate for Results:  NLP @ Work

fotolia_13855446x200Stop convincing and start achieving in any scenario

Every negotiation starts from two opposing sides.  Traditionally, negotiation has been seen as confrontational and "winner takes all".  In today's environment, a collaborative style is more effective in getting results, especially if you value maintaining a working relationship.  Everyone knows that reaching an agreement is possible.  With effective negotiation skills you can stop wasting valuable time "convincing" and start "achieving" results in any scenario.

Effective negotiation starts with knowing your own clear objectives.  For what purpose are you negotiating?  How can you align values to achieve agreement?  Can I walk away from this deal?



In this session you will learn:

  • solid techniques to manage the negotiation process
  • how to elevate the conversation (not the volume)
  • the importance of knowing your ideal outcome and generating acceptable options
  • elegant strategies to enhance communication
  • 7 negotiation tactics for a successful outcome

Whether you are negotiating with suppliers, business partners, colleagues or employees, these solid techniques to manage the negotiation process are a valuable asset for every leader.

Note: This program is now being offered as part of the

NLP @Work Seminar Series

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