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Sales Strategies: NLP @ Work

Sales Strategies That Really Work

Are you finally ready to jump into sales and get the results that you know you deserve?  Whether you sell directly to clients outside your organization, or sell ideas to colleagues inside your company, have you ever wondered whether it is more fun to be on the buying side or the selling side?  Both sides can be fun or both sides can be frustrating.  With the right strategy you can meet your sales target and have fun.

Selling is a process.  Being good at sales is being good at following a process.  Someone always buys.  Either the client buys what you are selling or you buy the objections.

Here's an opportunity to embrace the 5 Step Sales Process and discover sales strategies that really work.


Here's what you'll learn to do:

  • When to establish rapport.
  • What questions to ask.
  • How to link the need to your product or service.
  • Tips on handling objections.
  • The winning close.

This session is highly interactive with specific opportunities to discover how to apply this strategy to your own situation.  Sales strategies are not limited to selling a product or service.  Sales strategies also work for selling your ideas, both internally within your organization and externally in your public relations initiatives.

Note: This program is now being offered as part of the

NLP @Work Seminar Series

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